Android dumpster

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2019-08-22 22:04

Free app Dumpster is the Android equivalent of the Recycle Bin for Windows or Trash Can for Mac. Android: Accidentally deleted a photo or file from your smartphone and need it back? Free app Dumpster is the Android equivalent of the Recycle Bin for Windows or Trash Can for Mac.Dumpster is the leading free Android recycle bin, for users prone to accidentally deleting device files and images. Once the recovery app has been downloaded, users can effortlessly undelete and restore device data. android dumpster

Jan 09, 2015  Here is Dumpster for android. With this app you will be able to restore images, files or photos that you accidentally deleted. This app is free does not require ROOT

android dumpster

Dumpster helps you easily backup your Android media files, applications and more. The app almost instantly retrieves the files. If you deleted an important video or photo accidentally and want to recover the file, Dumpster would help. Dumpster is the first and only (! ) Android recycle bin app. Created for real people with love. Because we believe that you should have the freedom to make mistakes!android dumpster Apr 26, 2018 Dumpster Recycle Bin is an application that, just like the recycling bin in Windows, lets you recover the files you delete on your device. Dumpster Recycle Bin lets you recover all types of files, such as photographs, songs, text messages, documents, and videos.

Free Android dumpster

Jul 10, 2018 After you get the Dumpster. 495b apk file move it to your Android phone's SD card and then your file manager to browse, install& enjoy it. android dumpster Aug 15, 2018  With over 20 million downloads, Dumpster is the# 1 recycling bin for Android! Its the quick, easy way to recover and restore your video and picture files.