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2019-08-22 22:02

May 06, 2017  This tweak will force Safari to load all web pages in your selected webpage loading mode. Shown above, you can see the difference in the way Safari loads pages with and without the tweak installed. Weve included examples of both Reader mode and full screen mode (right) against the stock mode (left).Sep 11, 2016  A new free jailbreak tweak called cleans up the interface of Safari while youre scrolling around to give you a much nicer fullscreen effect. iOS already tries to go fullscreen when youre browsing by shrinking down the size of the navigation bar and hiding the bottom bar entirely, but safari full screen ipad tweak

Nov 21, 2013 Sorry not possible without jailbreaking. This is one of the reasons I've kept on my iPad 4 the Safari full screen tweak is very much needed.

safari full screen

Jan 24, 2012 This tweak allows for gestures in Safari on your iPad. Fullscreen for iPad is a jailbreak tweak that allows you take full advantage of the iPad's screen real estate complete with multitouch and gesture support. It integrates right into Safari so there's no second browser to download or deal with. Just install it and start enjoying fullscreen browsing.safari full screen ipad tweak The youtube app used to support fullscreen on iPads however they removed the support so is there a tweak to bring fullscreen on iPad on youtube back?

Free Safari full screen ipad tweak

FullScreen safari was a great tweak for the iPodTouch and iPhone, but it will be an even better tweak for the iPad. If you are interested in this new tweak for the iPad, it is available through the Cydia Store for a price of 1. 99. safari full screen ipad tweak Jul 25, 2012  Makes Safari a real multitouch browser. with a FullScreen mode. Adds many new Gestures like two and three finger swipes, three finger tab, shakeMany Gestures are for